Grand Opening April 16th! Seashore Farmers’ Lodge, James Island

11 Apr

The community of Sol Legare located at James Island came together and restored the Seashore Farmers’ Lodge, which was established by the children of former slaves.  4th through 7th generation descendants having a strong connection to their ancestors, history, and the lodge have made it possible for their descendants to learn of the importance of the Seashore Farmers’ Lodge to their community.

To me, this is a beautiful illustration of the importance of community and what can be accomplish when people work together.  The lodge stands as a symbol of the thrift, hard work, and unity that it took to for African Americans to be successful in establishing a family unit, owning land, and achieving economic advancements.

I am proud to see this symbol which represents the contributions of the Coastal African Americans to South Carolina and the world.  I look forward to learning more about the rich history of the lodge and it’s community. All are invited to the Grand Opening on April 16th.

In case you missed it, I had the great pleasure of Co-Hosting the show below on the April 10th episode of Nurturing Our Roots where we had the pleasure of learning from Ernest L. Parks, a 5th generation resident of Sol-Legare, Bill “Cubby” Wilder, a 4th generation resident, and Corie Hipp, who initially became involved as a volunteer coordinator:

Descendants of Community Preserve Seashore Farmers’ Lodge

Learn more

History Comes Full Circle: Community Comes Together to Preserve Seashore Farmers’ Lodge No. 767

The Grand Opening of the Seashore Farmers’ Lodge Museum and Cultural Center

Seashore Farmers Lodge-Museum (Seashore Farmers’ Lodge)

Seashore Farmers’ Lodge… And more news!

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One response to “Grand Opening April 16th! Seashore Farmers’ Lodge, James Island

  1. Elizabeth

    April 11, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    That’s neat… thanks for posting the video!


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